QUILT magine

  • Pick from over 200 patterns or design your own.
  • Adjust and layout block, pantographs, or a whole quilt.
  • Quilts your designs with professional accuracy.
  • Trace new patters from photos.
  • Simplified pantograph creation.
  • Virtual Long Arm: Quilt any size block with any size sewing machine.
  • Precise placement methods.
  • Integrated software, design and position patterns, pantographs, border, and full quilt layouts.
  • See your pattern in relation to your quilt, on-screen, before you begin.

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Quiltmagine system requirements
Machine… Quiltmagine works on almost any stitch regulated Nolting longarm.
Frame… Any current style [hooded track] Nolting Commercial frame.
Tablet… You provide the Windows based tablet. Must have a Windows 10 tablet or newer, needs full size USB port, 64 GB memory.


Click this link to see a Free Demo of the Quiltmagine software.