QBOT V3 is the latest and greatest in robotic quilting! It’s available for purchase as both an upgrade to earlier firmware versions of QBOT and as a New-in-the-Box Complete Unit.

Using one of the Android apps available, QBOT V3 and QBOT V3 Pro, you will have the ability to perform robotic quilting with ease! Many design features are built into the apps, like Applique/Echo Quilting, Design Management, Line Quilting, Mirror Image, Chain-and-Trim, Nesting, and Cross-Hatch Fill; as well as improved version 2 features like Pattern Quilting, %Restart, and Overlay. QBOT V3 requires an Android-based tablet with Bluetooth®. With the many Android options available on the market, you’ll be able to get the screen size which best suits your needs. The benefit of the tablet interface is that the QBOT will never go out of style. As new tablets come out with new features, you can always have a fresh look to QBOT – it’s your choice.

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